Sims Twala


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  1. This is incredible :0

  2. amazing designs man

  3. this is really cool

  4. Damn, this is cool!!

  5. WOOOW :O !!! I eff with this..

  6. Pretty cool designs. Thumbs up!

  7. really cool

  8. i love the design

  9. Nicole Andress Gracilia MBENG OBAME


  10. These are sooooooo dope!!!! #lovethem

  11. yoh some dope ish… awe awe

  12. Super Cool Sticker. I love this one.

  13. Dope ish…

  14. Its shubile malume

  15. Some fresh stuff right here!

  16. Really proper stuff!!

  17. Cool Designs!

  18. this is insanely good man

  19. Sims is the dopest, graphic designer.

  20. thats amazing image

  21. which software did u utilize to design those images?

  22. This very creative we need such talent in SA

  23. love dem stickers hey brother inn law hope u win

  24. wow!!! im blown away!! great work my guy

  25. These are super cool, the expressions are very clear on its own.

  26. These expressions are on point

  27. Hahaha these are sooooo cool. Dope work.

  28. Really good work 👊

  29. Cool designs

  30. To those who have voted so far… id love to pass my greatest gratitude for showing such love. It means alot to me and i pray your votes dont go to waste, lol. Keep telling them people vote theres still time. Thank you.